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www.We give cash.com Trying to get a loan when you have a bad credit history can be a real pain. If you're one of those people who has a bad credit history then finding the cheapest logbook loans is going to be high up on your to do list.

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Getting yourself into credit problems can have a harsh impact on your ability to obtain credit and loans in the future, often for many years.
With all this talk of credit ratings, you may wonder - what causes a bad credit history in the first place? There are a number of key things which can result in getting a bad credit rating. These are usually County Court Judgements against you, bankruptcy or constant late payments of debts.
It is these key factors which can cause you problems. In addition to these, some companies state that if your credit rating has been searched many times in a short period of time this can also impact your credit rating. Lenders may also be un-easy about providing loans to people who have no history of borrowing.
What it boils down to is that lenders want to see evidence that you're someone trustworthy that they can offer money to. If they see that you have had problems in the past then they may be unlikely to want to offer you another loan.
But, if you do have a poor credit rating - then you most definitely are not alone. Rising living costs, frozen salaries, layoffs and reduced working hours have meant tough times for many people causing them to miss loan repayments and fall into debt problems.

www.We give cash.com
One credit solution which you may not be aware of are logbook loans. The key thing to remember with these loans is that the loan is based on the car, not you. As long as your vehicle is under 8 years old (sometimes 10), is taxed, have a MOT and working then you could well be on your way to getting a logbook loan.
Logbook loans do away with many of the time consuming and complex procedures used by traditional lenders. You'll be pleased to learn that logbook loans have no credit checks at all, making them a hugely popular choice among people who have been refused credit.
A quick search online will reveal the cheapest logbook loans. You may be surprised by just how simple it is to start your application for a logbook loan. They are highly accessible and there are just a few criteria which lenders will screen you for.
The vehicle you are using for the logbook loan should be registered in your name. This is vital and all lenders will insist on this. Also, as mentioned earlier the vehicle should be working and with valid tax and MOT. You also need to be earning regular income so that you can service the loan and the lender will want to see evidence of this through either a P60 or payslips. Remember, that you will also need ID including proof of address.